Erectile dysfunction

(erectile dysfunction (ED) impotence)


General information

The words "impotence" and "impotent" are often used in a negative and derogatory sense. Therefore, we prefer to use the medically correct term "erectile dysfunction".

Erectile dysfunction can be very early on other dangerous, as yet unrecognized diseases such as diabetes, coronary heart disease or arteriosclerosis. Therefore, a medical diagnosis of the causes is very important.

Please do not push it on the long bench!

Erectile dysfunction (ED) and other disorders:

    Men suffering of ED:
    70% of patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BHP)
    50% of diabetics
    40% of patients with a depression
    40% of CHD patients
    30% of hypertensive patients

There are about 4.5 million men in Germany - 20% of all men of 30 to 80 years - with an erectile dysfunction. This may be a weak consolation. But that also means that you can find understanding conversation partners, because talking helps!

Many men with erectile dysfunction do not feel more like a "real" man, but as a failure. This deeply shocks self-esteem, negative impact on partnership, social contacts and workability.

Most women have much more problems with the fact that their partner can not talk openly about his problems than with the erectile dysfunction himself. An erection disorder is always a problem in the relationship. That is why partnership with the erectile dysfunction is important and therefore the first step towards a solution!

How does an erection develop?

1-Sensory stimuli are recorded and assessed in the brain.

2-From the brain, nerve impulses are transmitted to the penis via the autonomic nervous system.

3-Neurotransmitters are released at the nerve ending, causing a relaxation of the smooth muscles of the swell muscles through a complex biochemical reaction chain.

4-By dilatation of the musculature of the corpus callus, the cavities in the corpuscles become larger and blood flows in.

5-The inflowing blood causes enlargement of the penis. Since the corpuscles are surrounded by a firm skin, the veins are compressed by the expansion of the corpora caverns. The blood flow is thus throttled. ° Complete stiffness is achieved by a contraction of pelvic floor muscles. In this case, blood values, which can be greater than 400 mm Hg, are produced in the corpus cavernous.

Causes of erectile dysfunction:

Organic causes

° Increased blood lipid and cholesterol levels (hyperlipidemia)
° Arteriosclerosis (atherosclerosis)
° Sugar disease (diabetes mellitus)
° operations in small pelvis (prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, bladder cancer, inguinal fracture)
° Neurological diseases (multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease)
• Injury to the spine or the pelvis, cross-section paralysis

disc prolapse

° thyroid hyper function (hyperthyroidism) and hypothyroidism (hypothyroidism)
° overweight, fat (obesity)
° Liver and kidney disorders ° Sleep apnea
° Nicotine Nut
° alcohol abuse
° drug consumption

Psychological causes

° Partnership problems
° stress, anxiety around the workplace, bullying, financial problems
° Failure, unrealistic expectations, sexual inexperience


° Traumatic sexual experiences
° Unexplained sexual orientation

Drugs as a cause

Some side effects, such as vomiting, dizziness, diarrhea, fever, pain, occur very quickly and intensively, so the drug is not suitable for the person concerned and must be discontinued.

Then it must be tried to come with other medications to the goal of the treatment. Other side effects are sometimes slow and creepy. This applies to medications which have to be taken very long or even continuously.



Therapy options:

    Psychotherapy, Partner therapy
    Vacuum pumps and erection aids
    Hormonal therapy
    Oral medication
    Injectable administrable medications
    Threshold Implants
    Reconstructive arterial and venous surgery

Psychological counseling and psychotherapy

If no organic causes were found, there are psychological causes. But even with organic causes, very quickly psychological problems arise. In both cases, sexual counseling is recommended first. Consultation offers the possibility to identify and deal with the causes of the problems.

Unconventional therapy:

° pelvic floor gymnastics
° Electro stimulation of the pelvic floor muscles

herbal medications

There are also oral medications. These medicines are prescription.

These drugs are the most pleasant therapy for erectile dysfunction. They are all based on the same biochemical principle (PDE-5 inhibitors, PDE-5 inhibitors)

Further measures can be accessed through mechanical aids such as by vacuum erection aid.

Surgical procedures through the vascular operations, smoother implant. In addition there is a hormone therapy, which is injected with a testosterone deficiency, testosterone, injected as a patch to the skin or inserted as a gel into the skin.